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makerzoid 200-in-1 Scratch Jr Coding Robot Kit - STEM Smart Robot Premium Educational Toy - Junior Programming Learning Kit - DIY Robotics Kit for Kids

makerzoid 200-in-1 Scratch Jr Coding Robot Kit - STEM Smart Robot Premium Educational Toy - Junior Programming Learning Kit - DIY Robotics Kit for Kids


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200-in-1 Kit - Unparalleled Enjoyment

Unlock boundless possibilities with our cutting-edge Smart Robot Premium coding robot toy, an unmatched marvel making your creativity soar. Craft over 200 distinct robotic creations, diving into an adventure of endless exploration as you assemble and create, unleashing the full spectrum of fun. With our versatile coding kit, every assembly is a unique masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Start a journey of imagination and discovery like never before!

Coding with Scratch Junior - Engaging lntroduction to Programming

Embark on an educational adventure with our STEM programming toy, revolutionizing the world of coding for young minds. The innovative educational coding kit features Scratch Jr, simplifying coding and making it an ideal entry point for children exploring the fundamentals of coding effortlessly. The STEM learning kit is definitely a gateway to a world where coding is not just educational but a whole lot of fun!

Cross-Curricular Learning Improves Creativity & Problem-Solving Skills

Beyond coding, Scratch Jr supports interdisciplinary learning by incorporating elements of math, language and art. The interaction with our Premium building kit, perfectly provides a holistic educational experience for younger kids and encourage creativity by enabling kids to express themselves through coding and storytelling. The robotics kit nurtures critical thinking skills by allowing kids to troubleshoot on their own.

A Wealth of Options - Diverse and Robust Mode

Unleash the power of creativity with our DIY robotics kit which is a blend of innovation and excitement. Paired with a robust Bluetooth Motor, this science kit offers a trifecta of control options. Engage with tactile precision through buttons (ELECTRIC MODE), experience interactive responses with sensor integration in INTELLIGENT MODE or advanced capabilities with BLUETOOTH MODE. This is where control meets versatility, perfect for all ages.

Electric Mode (Direct Control) - Tactile buttons for manual precision.
Intelligent Mode - Interactive engagement with the IR Sensor to achieve more exciting moments.
Bluetooth Mode - Sophisticated programming mode for those seeking advanced capabilities.

Progressive and Layered Design

Offering a spectrum of challenges, the Smart Robot Premium educational kit guides the young explorers through an exciting educational journey from fundamental structures to intricate electrically powered and remote-controlled, programmable configurations delivering versatile experiences. It captivates the mind with a multifaceted array of possibilities that grows with children's evolving interests and skills.

2D & 3D Graphically Intuitive Instructions

With the innovative building instructions illustrated in 2D and groundbreaking 3D, the coding kit vastly elevates the assembling process and enhances kid's spatial imagination and logical thinking skills making it enjoyable and meaningful. Such step-by-step guides redefine the assembling experience ensuring it's engaging and straightforward. Spark creativity and boost cognitive development as kids navigate through the immersive world of construction.

Kid-Friendly Interface

With intuitive and colorful interface in our Makerzoid App, Scratch Junior is designed specifically for young children, allowing them to easily navigate and create their own animated stories and games.

Storage-centric Design

With the meticulously designed coding robot kit featuring a premium storage box and sorting tray, kids organization skills and color recognition will be greatly elevated which making it an irresistible gift choice.

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