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Makerzoid Smart Robot 72-in-1 Intelligent DIY Robotics Kit STEM Toy Educational Leaning Kit Building Robot Kit Birthday Gift for Kids 6+

Makerzoid Smart Robot 72-in-1 Intelligent DIY Robotics Kit STEM Toy Educational Leaning Kit Building Robot Kit Birthday Gift for Kids 6+


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●【Diversity - 72+ Robots For Kids To Play With
With the Smart Robot robotics kit, more than 72 robots can be assembled. 
If your kids are in a band or dream to be musicians, the robots grouped in "Music" will definitely surprise them since we have Pianist, Bassist, Guitarist, Violinist, Drummer etc.
If your kids like sports or dream to be athletes, they will absolutely be motivated by the robots grouped in "Training" since we have Boxing Man, High bar, Cycling, Push Up, Rowing, Pull Training, Running, Sit-up.
If your kids are into nature or fans of countryside, they will certainly be attracted by the robots grouped in "Agriculture" since we have Farmer, Harvester, Grinding, Sawing and Rice Huller.

●【Subsidiary Kit For Logic Training
The particularity of the control module also known as the "Intelligent Motor", distinguishes the Smart Robot kit from ordinary building toys. 
The technical breakthrough integrating the logical adjustments into the control module makes it possible for robots to react without programming. Such revolution leaves behind the old-fashioned concept that one coding kit has to include a host control unit.

●【Easy To Assemble - 2D & 3D Instructions. Done In Less Than 1 Hour
Equipped with 3D graphical tutorials, Smart Robot learning toy teaches kids to assemble step by step which makes the building experience a lot easier. Meanwhile, instructions in rotatable three-dimension greatly improves kids' comprehensions of space and imagination.
Every robot is built from a few bricks which means it won't be too hard for kids to locate the bricks. Most robots can be done in less than 1 hour, so kids won't be frustrated or impatient.
Since the assembling is easy, the phone won't take too much time and it's good for eyes.

●【What Can Kids Achieve From Smart Robot - Enjoyable and Educational Experience
Makerzoid Smart Robot STEM Building Toys set is much more than a toy, it's also a perfect educational learning kit which encourages kids to think, to learn through mechanical structures & electronics knowledge.
It requires kids to think scientifically about how the robot can move around with a motor. Children's hand-on ability, hand-eye coordination and imaginary skills will all be improved by playing with this STEM robot kit. Eventually, what children will achieve from assembling these robots is not only fun time but more significantly, also their self-confidence and excellent logical skills.

●【Leaning Kit is The Best Gift - Fancy & Safe】           
The Smart Robot learning kit is perfect to be a gift with great-looking packaging. A storage box is included as well which is convenient to organize and put in the blocks afterwards. To give it away as a beautiful gift is definitely a good choice to make!
Smooth edges are designed to prevent hands from being scratched, so parents and children could make some lovely holiday memories together.


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